September 5, 2019 |8:30AM-4PM|Hilton Garden Inn | Freeport | Maine

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Casting a Wide Net - Recruiting in a Red-Hot Economy

Keynote Speaker: David Ciullo
of Career Management Services
Attracting and recruiting talent in this tight as ever labor market takes some creative thinking and work. What’s your employment brand “really”? – do you know what it is? Can you influence it? What does it take to do so? There has been a paradigm shift in recruiting and attracting talent and David Ciullo, CEO of Career Management Associates will discuss how to rethink your recruiting thru branding, social media and how personalization affects who and how you attract and recruit talent. David will also discuss how highlighting your true benefits are just as important as the base salary when trying to attract top talent.

Workforce Development Challenges in the Trucking Industry

Presented by: Brian Parke
of Maine Motor Transport Association
As most of us in the industry are aware, there is an increasing shortage of drivers, not just in Maine but across the nation. Join Brian Parke, President and CEO of Maine Motor Transport Association as he walks us through some workforce statistics as well as what actions are being taken to mitigate the shortage of CDL Drivers.  

Veteran Recruiting: Why You Should and How

Presented by: Matt Leonard
of Military Talent Source
Employers are being pitched different demographic groups as a potential solutions to their employment challenges everyday. Are Veterans a preferred solution? If so, what does it take to develop a succesful Veteran recruiting strategy? We’ll talk about who and what a Veteran is, their background and experience as it relates to workforce and industry, and whether or not they may be a fit for you and how to go about attracting Veteran talent.

Health Insurance - What's Next?

Presented by: Joel Allumbaugh
of Allumbaugh Agency
Health insurance continues to be a significant challenge and expense for businesses in Maine and around the nation.  Learn about the health insurance market in Maine, the impact of efforts both in Augusta and Washington DC, and what that means for health care costs in Maine.  Also learn about MEMA’s innovative association health plan and how we are changing the health care landscape.

OSHA Compliance: Protecting Employees and your Bottom Line

Presented by: Jan Chandler

of Cross Insurance

This training will help business owners understand the necessity to comply with OSHA standards to protect: employees from injury; the company public image; and the company bottom line from OSHA fines that can range from $13,260 to $132,598 per violation.


Investing in Key Employees

Presented by: Caillin Miller
of Federated Insurance
Have you ever lost a promising employee? If you have, you know the costs related to turnover are high and getting higher as jobs become more specialized. Rewarding key employees and letting them know how special they are to your business could mean the difference between keeping or losing a valued employee. But, to do that, you need benefits that work well, both short- and long-term. During this session, learn about the triple protection option approach that your peers are using successfully to recruit and train top talent.